The Cyrillica Studio offers the full localization cycle for audiovisual production:

-text translation and editing by native speakers

-audio recording by professional dubbing studios

-graphics localization


When we provide our services, we take into account the technical and lexical standards of the broadcast territory, as well as any other requirements the client may have. The localization process doesn't end with simple translation. It's actually a complex adaptation of the product which takes into account the cultural, social and religious peculiarities of different countries. The Project Consultants are professional translators, editors and experts in their own native languages.


We provide our clients with the full localization cycle (including translation and editing of texts by native speakers, audio recording and graphics localization) in the following languages:

-English (USA) English

-French (France) Français

-German (DEU) Deutsch

-Spanish (Latin American) Español

-Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese) Português

-Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic)  العربية

-Hindi (Modern Standard Hindi) हिन्दी  

- Indonesian(IND)  Bahasa Indonesia

-Chinese (China) 中文

-Japanese (JAP) 日本語