Watching foreign movies with subtitles is becoming more popular. Subtitles are significantly cheaper than dubbing, appear quicker and allow the possibility to enjoy the original soundtrack of the movie, and that is why many Russian viewers prefer to watch movies with subtitles at home.

In addition, for Russian produced films, subtitles are the simplest way to reach a world audience. This method of localization of foreign content is wide-spread in many Western countries.

Our studio has got solid experience in the creation of subtitles for Russian films in the English language. Texts pass three specialists: a translator, an editor and a QCD specialist. This avoids inaccuracies and misprints. For creating subtitles we work with professional editors –English language speakers.


  • Bilingual translators. We work with translators, for whom Russian and English are native languages from childhood
  • Our editors are native speakers with linguistic education
  • QC
  • Subtitles in any format