Voice-over translation is a type of localization, when the audience hears the voices of the Russian actors with the voices from the original film.

1. Translation

Film translations of the CYRILLICA Studio are totally accurate in the communication of meaning, literate in rules of the Russian language and expressive in terms of speech characteristics of each character. The translations conform to the style and genre of each movie, series or program. High level quality is achieved through the Studio’s work with translators ( a selective process is in place during the stages of testing and during the collaboration, the obligatory return of texts to translators after proofreading by the editor and after recordings and a continuous control of their professional growth and by obligatory editing of the texts. The length of Russian sentences will approximately correspond to the length of the original speech. In the process of the voice-over the translation never starts before the original speech or is left behind it. If necessary for translation of films and programs, which have special terminology, experts are called in for consultations on the topic of the program.

2. Editing

Our editors control the accuracy of the translation, communication of meaning, style and genre adequacy, edit text and watch for its synchrony – i.e. packing. The editors direct the process of recording and work with the actors, controlling their performance and paying close attention to the accuracy of meaning, distinctiveness of the delivery and nuance of speech.

3. Mixing

The sound level of the original sound track lowers at the start of the Russian speech and heightens in the pauses. The loudness of the film or a program changes in accordance with artistic conception. The work of the sound engineers makes the sound of a film or a program more interesting and rich. The right balance and audio programming ensure its full correspondence to visual imagery. The mixing is performed in accordance with the existing regulatory documents and requirements of a client.

4. Quality Control Department (QCD)

CYRILLICA Studio has the Quality Control Department – QCD. Its specialists control all aspects of the production taking place in the studio. The criteria of evaluation includes technical parameters (correspondence to technical specification of a client) and artistic parameters (the accuracy of translation, the quality of actor’s and speaker’s articulation, montage and mixing). On the basis of the critique from the QCD the changes are promptly introduced.

5. Delivery of the content

The preprint materials may be delivered to the studio, and the results of our work may be passed to a client through FTP-server of the company or a client, as well as with the other delivery devices and special program solutions (Aspera, Digidelivery, etc.). Besides, the studio has the special server for safe content delivery – Smartjog.